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About Ouovo brand

Brief Information


Ouovo was born in 2011, this brand was built by a group of young designers with dream and unique design. These designers stick together as one because of their same dream – the brand Ouovo. As we are quite young, our design style may be audacious. We have passion, and our works are quite avant-garde and fashionable. Based on constantly surpassing ourselves and pursuing perfection, our products are carefully made by hand and the leather is delicate upper layer calf leather. The Ouovo handbag focus on building a speedy fashion model for international bags and providing a convenient way for customers to purchase.


Brand Concept


Ouovo is a compound word, every single letter has its own meaning.


“O” means “open”, which refers to the design style is open, and our way of thinking insists on the open but understated style.


“Uovo” means an egg in Italy, which refers to new born and hope. But every single letter in it is still has its own meaning too.


“U” means “unique”, this is to say Ouovo handbags are totally handmade. Every bag from whole to the details is made by specially-assigned person, that shows the high quality and the limited quantity.


“O” means “original”. Ouovo’s products are original design by our young designers, they draw sketch firstly, then modify, and finally the blueprint is born. Specially-assigned persons will do exactly follow the blueprint. We promise that our design absolutely comes from our designers’ own inspiration, we never copy others’ works.


“V” means “vogue”. We have young designers, even though their experiences are not the broadest, they have the unique eyes to catch the fashion trend and the brains which are full of fresh blood. The bags designed by them have stylish and elegant feel.


“O” means “online”. With the high speed of the development of the Internet, the earth is growing smaller and smaller. People can do things fast and conveniently through the Internet. Ouovo notice that, and follow this development closely. We provide a series of steps, such as consult, user experience and purchase online, to make the fashion became simple and fast for you.


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