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Q: Do you have a retail store?


A: We are only an online shop.


Q: Do you ship internationally?


A: Yes. We can ship to most countries all over the world.


Q: How long will my order take to ship?


A: Most orders leave our warehouse within 2 business days. We will make sure your order ships out correctly and on time. It will take 6-12 working days to North America, AU, UK and some EU countries. It will take 8-14 working days to and Malta, Ireland, Mexico and other countries, depending on where you live. But all these shipping time is restrained by the way of delivery you choose.


Q: What is OUOVO bag?


A: OUOVO bag is our new brand by ourselves. All of them are completely handmade with 100% leather and self-designed by our own designers. All of OUOVO bags are Quality guaranteed with uniQue styles that are hard to find among other leather or machine cut bags.



Q: How can I be more careful with my purse?


A: When you go out with your handbag, no matter where you are, never leave it unattended. Many people are trusting with their bags, but the truth is, your bag is never really safe. While you don't want to have one of your own purses stolen, when you are borrowing a friend's purse, you need to be extra careful about keeping it safe. When you go out to a bar, you should keep your purse with you at all times. Because it can be a pain to dance and socialize with a big purse, you may want to consider using a wristlet or something small and easier to carry around with you. Even if you are at a close friend's party, you should keep your purse with you at all times. There could be people you don't know or trust at the party and you don't want to take any chances. When you have a beautiful designer purse, people will take more interest in it; not only wanting the money and valuables you have inside, but the handbag in general.


Q: Why are wristlets a new trend?


A: Wristlets are one type of trendy handbags among many people, especially high school age females. One of the main reasons wristlets are so popular is because of the fact that they come in designer handbag names but are generally much cheaper than larger handbags. For instance, a Coach wristlet will generally cost about $58 while a small Coach hobo handbag costs about $198. Since designer handbags are becoming extremely popular among high school age girls, many of their parents are opting to buy them wristlets rather than spend a lot of money on a handbag. Wristlets are also popular because they allow girls to go out with a tiny, easy to carry bag that fits their small cell phone, credit cards, license, and some cash. Designers such as Coach have many different patterns and styles of wristlets since they are such big sellers.


Q: What is an alternative to a leather handbag?


A: Real Leather or PU leather? Maybe you're looking to purchase a leather bag but know that you can't afford one. Or maybe you don't want to buy a real leather bag because of your beliefs against animal cruelty. Whatever the case, many people buy bags made from pleather, a synthetic leather that's actually made from plastic. Pleather is lighter than leather making pleather handbags easier to carry around than those made of leather. To an undiscerning eye, a pleather handbag may even look like a genuine leather handbag. Like leather, there are also different types of pleather. Most people believe that the best pleather is made from polyurethane because it is washable and can be dry cleaned. Though some people look down upon it, pleather is a great alternative to real, genuine leather.


Q: How can tell if a handbag is authentic?


A: If you've ever done a search for authentic handbags online, you have probably found that there is a huge community of people determined to outsmart the fakers and only buy authentic handbags. The great thing about this is that most people are willing to help their fellow handbag shoppers. There are many sites and member forums that allow you to post pictures of your potential new bag and allow others to comment on whether or not they think it's real and why. If you're considering purchasing a bag, it's probably a good idea for you to post its picture on one of these sites so you can hear other expert opinions. There are also slightly more entertaining sites such as The Bag Ladies Who Are They Kidding? forum where obvious fakes are posted and then commented on. Remember the handbag shopping community is extremely large and most people want to help their fellow shoppers out, so when in doubt about the authenticity of a bag, don't be afraid to ask.


Q: Where can I find vintage handbags?


When you were younger you probably thought your grandmother had awful style. But maybe it's time to take another look at her closet. Just because your grandmother wears button down cardigans and sweatpants while she's sitting at home doesn't mean she wasn't incredibly stylish back in the day. Even if she never had a great sense of style, chances are she had a handbag or two. There's a strong possibility that if your grandma saved her old purses, you will be able to find a vintage bag to wear out or to decorate your room with. And if your grandma no longer wants her vintage handbags and they're not your style, you can try selling them at your own yard sale or a secondhand shop. Whether or not you find any that you like, it may be a good idea if you start saving your old handbags for your future children and grandchildren.


Q: How should I choose a vintage handbag?


A: Know What You're Paying For When Buying a Vintage Handbag. Vintage handbags can come in all sorts of conditions and you should know what you're paying for before you purchase. In some cases, you'll be paying more money for the lived-in, used look. For instance, when buying a vintage leather bag, you probably don't want a shiny new looking bag; your vintage bag should look slightly faded and worn. However, you don't want to be paying vintage prices for handbags that have big rips and tears on them. There's a difference between vintage and damaged and you should always know which you're getting before you pay. It also helps if you get to know and trust vintage sellers, who can help you pick out a worthy handbag.


Q: Why Choose Leather Handbags?


A: Another great advantage of using leather hand bags is that they are easy to clean. There are lots of leather cleaners out there which help in making sure that the hand bags look as good as new after just one cleaning. These leather cleaners smell strong and might cause allergy so if you’re planning to use your hand bag any time soon I advise you to clean it at least two three days before. Leather can easily be dyed in different colors but now a day’s white leather is also becoming very popular among the women. They have a feminine and gentle look to them which makes them a best option for formal occasions.


Q: How to take care of leather bags?


A: 1. Store them. Store leather bags properly when not in use.

    2. Waterproof them. Spray leather bags with a water-repellent protective spray before using them in rain or high humidity.

    3. Pack leather bags carefully. Keep caps on pens and other pointed items, as these may indent or tear the lining of leather bags.

    4. Keep them clean. Clean dirt, food crumbs and other potentially staining substances from the bag soon after you return home. This will prevent the substances from being ground into your bag's liner.

    5. Clean them. Clean leather bags with leather shampoo when they look soiled. Use leather protection and conditioning cream or spray on the bag at least twice a year, more often if you use your bag daily.

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